Thursday, March 06, 2008

Aaaaah, Michael Miller Fabrics, how I love you.

This is the stinkin'cute "Yippee" made into a mother and son set. I am doing a "grow with me" design now on these little boy's aprons.... a longer velcro-adjust on the safety neckline strap and a tuck in the other side, plus a doubled hem. Good for a 36-inch-tall little helper right now and lasting a long time.

These "Dotty Dot" aprons are some of my favorites ever - I used this fabric in my first 50 and here it is again, thanks to the glories of ebay and other fabric stashers like me. I "just can't get tired of this" as my sweet Breezy said about doing stickers one afternoon at my table. This fabric or making these aprons.

And, Alexander Henry Fabrics are a close second, if we are saying our favorites here.

One apron with these birds is staying home with me.

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