Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Any minute now - the shopping cart feature will be up and running - here is the link for my first brave steps into the internet.

Go to the meet the artists and read the little post about my history and go to the boutique to shop.

These are my family girls in our Thansgiving wear. See? All kinds of shapes. All kinds of cute, too. Yep, I made 'em all. It was fun to present them.

::EDIT:: I did get the cookies mailed and the list done except the cutting and sewing and knitting - BUT I made a carrot cake which was not on the list and a couple of other life happened things. Today is a fog, though. Help.

::EDIT:: and then there is the shoe thing - for the last two years, when we take a trip somewhere, I buy a pair of shoes. I wear most of them regularly - except the patent leather red slings - those were a silly choice. These are my new Rocket Dogs. Blurry, though.... well, you get the idea.


Blogger mama k said...

LOVE the new shoes. And the aprons... swoon! I have a bit of a thing for aprons. hehe

January 26, 2008 7:59 PM  

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