Thursday, February 14, 2008

I want so much to keep current with this, but I just get so distracted..... I am sewing again, but not with concentration - I get sidetracked by anything.... I do operate in the belief that people are always more important than things and thus I answer the phone and listen and communicate other ways..... it throws me off - I am not as able to return to the task I left and pick up again with fervor. I am aging. Is that it?

And I hear things and say to myself, 'that will be good to remember and establish in my heart by writing,' but I can't recall them a few hours later.....


The blood came out of the fabric I was cutting when I gashed into my finger. (That's a good verb - gashed.) I was glad.

This is whiny, isn't it? I'm whiny today. What?

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