Monday, March 03, 2008

Again, just cannot seem to keep up with the blogging..... Getting back to the machine tomorrow, and putting together a birthday gift for this guy:

but it will not be an apron.

I did do something new today - started yesterday - I followed a recipe exactly (which was new, too, as a matter of fact) and made a beautiful dense but gorgeously chewy bread. A photo of it is on the other blog. It took 20 hours to rise. Worth it!

I will post some pictures of the stinkin'cute cowboy aprons which are on the table right now. Mommy and son this time. Special order - I love it when I can guess what fabrics a person will like - send them three pictures and they pick the one I guessed they would like best. A little fun game I play... guess the taste. Sometimes I am so dead wrong though it makes me almost gasp.

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