Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tuesday, Not As Planned

So today I had a set of appointments. And I only went to the first. I got (what felt like) hopelessly lost trying to get to the new haircut joint, and when I finally recognized a road and got headed toward home, that is where I went. I had left my phone on the kitchen table, so no contacting them to say I was not coming. Just did not show up. SO unlike me. First-born, ultra responsible, can't-
say-no, you know the type. I stopped at the sewing temptations store to get a roll of tape for the zipper on this dress I am finishing, then decided that I did not want to do the third appointment of the day, either. So I arrived home, called the hair place, called appointment number three and canceled. I made myself lunch, decided I wanted cocoa, made it in a skillet (?) and am now headed to the sewing room. I am writing this just for me - to remind myself that a day of self-care is pretty important.... I feel delighted to make this dress and then finish a banner and two flags from the Douglas kilt I deconstructed on Sunday.

A good rainy day. Congratulations, Jennifer, for taking advantage of it for yourself.

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