Thursday, June 03, 2010

Alright. For reals. Going to make a genuine effort to do this regularly.

I am reminded of my old Xanga, which I loved, and determined this morning to begin again getting things down so I can remember the way I felt and thought at the point of different (sometimes crucial) events.

And knowing that there is a link coming soon, I have to choose whether to write inner stuff or be a public persona.

Having been with my beloved sister this morning, I am reminded that I can't be anything but myself. Nothing TRULY that is. I told her that I was bolstered constantly by the knowledge that there is someone who really gets me and can do two contradictory things simultaneously which help solidify my real self. These things are:

1) tell me to stop giving so much of myself - investing so deeply and engaging so completely because it hurts like hell most of the time and
2) know and understand that I cannot do that.

It is a comfort. I love her deeply.

Now, a brief but glorious list of current events.
1) We are again a two-job couple. God is good. It was a long haul and yet it has been worth the wait for the wondrously ideal position.
2) All else is today overshadowed by this good thing. I will list many other good things as I discipline myself to write regularly. I am consciously not making a rule about how often.

And I will say here to the blog writers I currently read regularly, A Dress a Day and A Knitting Nurse and HollyGab, thank you for being so interesting and friendly and prolific and inspiring.

Another apron shot. Just because. Check out the cute little bound flap on that pocket. I loved that fabric. I am glad Abi has one made from it, because it was supposed to be a cute little skirt once-upon-a-fabric-buying-binge. Somebody out there in the world owns that and I hope they are wearing it.

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