Thursday, March 17, 2011

And tomorrow we are off.

It is a reality - which has not actually sunk in yet.

Am I so much older now that I am comfortable in the world - and my own skin - enough that I am less than 24 hours from the airport arrival and I am 1) not packed 2) planning on making a skirt still 3) getting a pedicure first and 4) not even listing things - yet?

That or delusional about the quickly passing time of this one final preparation day.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And yes, yes, indeed the freedom feels wonderful.

Today I am off during the day and I am doing a small list of trip preparation things - returns of un-tried-on purchases (always dumb), getting a packing list made, paying bills, and a short work shift this evening.

I am so extremely excited to experience a different culture with my dear husband. He is a joy to me.

I watched a movie last night, ate a leisurely dinner, and did not sew, decorate, glue, fit, tweak, repair or draw up a pattern for a single thing. Ah yes, it really is done....

...except the four gigantic bags of costume laundry, which will wait until I return from Turkey.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tonight is final performance. Everything is done. All that is on the to-do list (tablet) are repairs, minor disasters, tweaks, more jewelry, and some tears at the thought of being absent from the fun parts next year. But the sense of freedom to have my life back is bigger and more delicious, by far. So I expect to cry tonight copiously and enjoy tomorrow immensely.

I will post a picture or two - it really is beautiful and I am proud of the work.

Look at that post from November - the one about not sewing 50 hours a week.


That much sewing was necessary and more - but it is now a finished product. I even asked people I love to come see it.

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